5 Tips for Caring for My Life-Size Sex Doll

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Owning a life-size sex doll is one thing, caring for it is another. It is very important to keep the doll clean and undamaged. Doing this ensures that hygiene or lack of hygiene doesn’t take a toll on your health. Also, you will be able to enjoy the company of your favorite doll for a long time. If you’ve been using the doll for a while, it’s highly recommended that you start cleaning it right away, especially if you want to extend its lifespan. The best part is that it doesn’t require much effort or time to take care of your doll. So, if you’ve got a cheap life-size sex doll in Buffalo and it’s been in contact with your bodily fluids recently, here’s how you can clean and/or care for it.

  1. Warmth and soap should be enough to clean. Just make sure to clean the doll from time to time. Frequent cleaning helps to sanitize the doll. However, when you use it, try cleaning the head alone. For this, you can use a mild shampoo if desired. For obvious reasons, be sure to keep your head upright.
  • After cleaning or bathing the doll, you will notice a lot of moisture. Care must be taken to prevent damage. A clean towel can come in handy. You may be tempted to use a hair dryer, but keep in mind that your doll’s skin is different from yours and can be easily damaged. Also, if you mistakenly end up focusing too much on certain parts to remove moisture, you can cause irreparable damage. Speaking of moisture, if there’s some left over, you can always use baby powder and voila, the moisture is gone forever.
  • Would you put makeup on real Japanese sex dolls in Michigan to make them look more realistic? If it is, you can take care of it with a damp towel. You should avoid using makeup removers such as micellar water. Again, it’s important to make sure there’s no damage, nothing is broken. After cleaning your makeup, you can use a tissue. Remember to pat dry, as rough stroking can damage the doll’s skin.
  • Cleaning with special equipment is common, but not recommended unless your doll maker gives you a thumbs up. It is best to avoid devices such as vaginal douches, squirt bottles, etc. If you want to clean your doll’s private parts, there are more subtle options. For example, you can wrap a loofah around a stick and try to clean it very gently. In any case, drying is an absolute must.
  • In addition to cleaning life-size sex dolls, there are a few routines you can adapt to. For example, you should look for a cool, dry place to store it. Moisture can wreak havoc on your doll. Likewise, extreme temperatures can disrupt motion. Not to mention, your precious doll shouldn’t be in the sun either. Last but not least, you should be careful with your movements. Unnecessary bumps and bruises can easily be avoided as long as you handle the latest Japanese male sex dolls with a little care.

In addition to the 5 tips mentioned earlier, here is a tip for all sex doll lovers. Always pay attention to staining. For this, it is important to stay away from oil-soluble pigments and even newspapers and magazines. Needless to say, sharing your doll with other people is a big no-no.

Would you like us to share more tips? Or do you know of any hints we can notice? please let us know.

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