Is recommended?

Yes, recommended! Shipping went off without any problems, and she arrived two days ahead of schedule! I was very surprised to see her two days early! With all this being said, let’s move to my thoughts about the doll. She is very well proportioned in my opinion. She is beautiful all around! The creator did an excellent job! If others would like measurements or have any questions, please PM me. (I am new to posting with photos, so I apologize for the format of this post)

How’s your experience with

Yes, well thanks for reading, again I absolutely love her. I realize she is a doll, but man oh man do you forget during the act. I recently just started seeing someone too, so this should be fun if she finds her. I’m sure she will want to play with her too! 😉 You are a genius for making this design. Thank you very much, you have made my first doll purchase easy, you’ve been super informative and speedy with reply’s, and you delivered a top notch gal into my life.