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(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Why do some children love to play with dolls while others have no interest?

ive their dolls names and personalities and play scenarios as if they are playmates will never have a problem playing quietly in their own head space, children who can’t see dolls (or cars or other toys) this way may be happier with creative play, where they are making something out of play-dough or block_contents, alternatively maybe they’d like to be painting or possibly they’d prefer to be climbing a tree or playing with a bat and ball. Each child is different and their minds and imaginations work in different ways.
We have a wonderful tv ad in Australia at the moment where a mother is making lunch for her children (using specific breads for each one). The ad is emphasising children’s differences – one is painting very carefully using small brushes and painting what he sees, while his sister is outside THROWING paint at an easel and enthusiastically using her hands (and feet etc) to create her masterpiece. The two children are called into lunch where they sit down with a younger sister who has dressed in dress-ups with a feather boa and headdress etc while seating her dolls (also dressed up) in chairs next to her and giving them plates too. I may not agree with feeding each chi

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Memories: What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?

o that of the next. Some of these were the following.
When I was four years old I had a train set (non electric) that was plastic. It was a real joy for you could keep adding to it more and more. For my birthday and Christmas I always got more for this set. This lasted about a year or so until I got an Electric train set for Christmas. This was a Lionel train set that in those days were very popular amongst many boys of my age. To this day it is still in the house somewhere. This set took over qwhere the last one left off.
Next was my bicycle that I got at a yard sale. It was the first bicycle that I ever had. I learned to ride bicycles on that one and to this day still ride them daily. From that red bicycle came several other bikes of varying types to the present one that I use everywhere.
Another toy of mine, which was a favorite came from my next door nieghbor. It was a pair of ice skates that I used all the time and became almost an expert skater on. This sport was a favorite of mine. Which leads to the down hill skis that I enjoyed alot also. This sport I do not do anymore, but, years ago it was also one that I remember as one that I liked alot.
I could go on,but, beyond this there is only one other toy that I can think of that I truly enjoyed at this time. That is Books of all kinds. I am an advide reader of books. And because of this I would have to say that this is another of my favorite toys, so to speak. The book has become a toy to me for I love to read and know what is out there in the world. The printed word has become a pasion of mine. It was this way from the time that I was young and has grown to the present date. I loveto know what isd said by others, always. It is likely mini sex doll 60cm that for this reason I w

(Popularity Rate: 82 ) Why does the world frown upon when male kids love dolls and figurines?

s (LOTR), dioramas and basically any aesthetically pleasing sculptures. There are a lot of people who collect such statues. I have some friends who sometimes jokingly take a dig at my mini sex doll 60cm “dollsâ€?but they do that in jest, and I have never been insulted or laughed at.
There are lots of hobbyist websites. I originally collected my statues for my own interest, however I have too many now and have started slowly disposing them due to waning interest and its becoming an expensive hobby to collect.
Go ahead, and collect your statues. You could Cheap Sex Dolleven make your hobby a side income. Create a blo

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

(Popularity Rate: 36 ) How can I understand tensors analysis simply? Add to it the complex analysis, and how do I understand their real meanings and to like them not only as math dolls?

main issue that can face you, that there are couple *almost* equivalent ways to think about them;
Abstract way: they are mathematical objects, that has certain properties, and transforms in a particular way. This one may be helpful for a robot, or a really geek mathematician only.
Algebraic way: they are a generalization of the usual 2D matrices. That is, one can think of them as a transformation rule for objects/coordinates in some n-dimensional (vector) space. Female Sex DollsThis one is much better, however, its problem that it is not very precise/general, above answers provided examples of this visualization.
Geometrical way: they are a collection of tangent covectors at one point of some manifold, mixed with another collection of linear functionals associated with the same point, but located in dual space (this explanation is rough), even so, this is the most general and precise way to think about tensors. However, starting from this explanation is pointless, because everybody learning vector analysis before differential geometry.
Physical way: this, in my opinion, is the best way to visualize them, it is like the algebraic one, has the same issues, but still more general and intuitive. I got it when we were studying object deformation in solid state physics so you can read more in Wikipedia. The main idea is as follows: imagine a cubic piece of solid soap, then imagine you are pushing very hard by your finger normally on some side, you will see how soap will try to go out in all directions, but if the soap is not homogeneous, different amounts/volumes of soap will try to escape into each of the directions. Actually, there are 6 directions of escape (up, down.. including the one of your push). Those quantities, can be organized in a 2D 3×3 matrix (a symmetric one, it will have 6 unique elements), now noticing that you have 6 faces in your soap cube, we actually need to record only 3 of them, because the opposite faces will demonstrate the same amount of escaping soap, but in an opposite direction. We may assume also, that soap cube is, kinda “infinitely smallâ€? so we end up with a collection of 3 of 3×3 matrices, that can fully describe how the cube will deform. To make life easier, we can simply combine these matrices together to get a 3D tensor 3x3x3, and obviously, changing coordinates should force all of the three matrices, to transforms in a consistent way. This is the source of our tensorâ€?transformation properties. Now it should be easy to understand that to describe how a big piece, of a non-homogeneous soap, is deforming, we defin

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) If the country that you will live in will ever legalize the sale and possession of child sex dolls, do you think that there would actually be some people in your country who are going to be willing to engage in vigilante justice in regards to this?

you can use your proven expertise to bring down gangsters that have been on the commissioner’s black list for months/years?
Hmm. No, I don’t think it’s illegal to form a buddy relationship with your local police commissioner and legally bring down thugs in a manner that leads to warranted arrests on account of consistent anonymous tips.
Batman isn’t a vigilante. He’s more of a private investigator/deputy under the direct oversight of the duly elected Police Commissioner. There is an episode of Batman the animated series which delved into the question of “what if Gordan didn’t tolerate Batman?â€?The answer was: Not good. It would only take Gordan a single day of honest detective work to shut Mr. Wayne down.
Batman VOLUNTEERS[1] to be Gordan’s mad dog. Without the approval/deputizing/contracting of the duly elected commissioner, he is nothing. The ONLY reason Batman is different from any other “vigilanteâ€?is that he’s not really a vigilante, but more of a bounty hunter. What makes him different from every other “vigilanteâ€?is the fact that everyone knows that he and the LEGAL #1 TOP COP are great friends who have lunch together regularly.
The rest of the cops turn a blind eye to Batman explicitly because of that relationship, not to mention, he has proven to prioritize the saving of cops. The regular junior cop knows that Batman is just a weird senior detective and know better than to “investigateâ€?into that particular “vigilanteâ€?because they haven’t legally pursued him as a vigilante in years; those charges were dropped when he saved the city from a meta-human terrorist threat.
They know that when the Bat Signal goes up, their boss is having a meeting they best not disturb.
You want to be a world’s greatest private detective who leases his professional grade crime-fighting ability to the police? Go ahead. Nothing illegal about that.
Batman is not a vigilante. Not really. Especially by mid-career.
He does his fair share of paperwork. He knows the rules.
Were I Gordon, I’d cracked the fact that I’m working with celebrity billionaire Bruce Wayne long ago, and I’d understand that the reason why this particular volunteer cop insists on being anonymous is to protect his celebrity identity. Imagine if Kim and Kanye were brutally murdered one day, and a generation later, the world discovered that all North West wants to do is be a cop? The world would mock it in his initial attempts to join the force. We’d expect rich little North West to be a brat incapable of a single intelligent thought, and would give him no real respect given his thirst for justice over the death of his parents.
So little North West disappears for a while and creates a “mysterious vigilanteâ€?persona that still basically a volunteer cop instead. OoooOOoh, this badass vigilante could be anybody, but probably isn’t the child of a couple of know-nothing celebrities, no sir! He’s probably some kind of ex-government SEAL-team spook or something so we of the world should have nothing but mad-respect for whoever this SWAT level volunteer detective guy is!
Because how else is North ever going to intimidate a gangster? He’d can’t be known as “Kim’s sonâ€?if he wants to grow up to be a officer.
If you’re not a born-celebrity with a strong incentive to hide his identity however, luckily for you, you can skip the work of inventing an alter-ego fo your inner policeman and just go st

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) What are your thoughts on Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany telling Fox News host Sandra Smith on Wednesday that President Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is a “big dealâ€?

with so little knowlege about the prize herself.
Just to make things straight I have no idea about Americian politics, or do I wish to be involved. But, I am a citizen of the country that gives out the Nobel Peace Prize award, so I felt it was important to explain, as this statement is so misleading.
I checked KE out and it astonished me to see that she actually has attended Harvard Law school. Apparently she has a BSFS in International politics, from Georgetown University, and has previously worked in media Fox news and CNN. She obviously hasn’t travelled – or done her homework on the Nobel Peace prize.
Good grief what are they teaching young students over the pond I thought. And she is 32 years of age.
The Nobel Peace Prize award is not just to be given to Americian Presidents. It is an International award which is presented to candidates from ‘’all over the world.’â€?Only a year ago we heard that President Trump thought he should be given the award for denuclearizing North Korea 🤦🏻
And recently these tweets appeared. Never in a million years will Norway give an award to any person in the world with this attitude. Moving the US Embassy to Israel, didn’t go well down in the middle east at all in International circles.
Well here is some information about the Nobel Peace prize.
Alfred Nobel was Swedish and a trained chemical engineer. It is unclear why he wished the peace prize to be administrered in Norway, which was ruled in union at the time with Sweden, when he died in 1896.
It is speculated that he considered Norway was better suited as it did not have the same militaristic traditions as Sweden.
At the end of the 19th century Norway became closely involved in the Inter – Parliamentary Union’s efforts to resolve conflicts though mediation and arbitration.
The idea behind this prize is of course PEACE – awarded to a person ‘â€?who in the PRECEDING year shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between Nations ‘â€?â€?The prize has been awarded 100 times since 1901.
The process of selection.
The Nobel Committee prepares to receive nominations. And of those who are qualified to nominate.
Deadline for submission is the 31st January each year. As most of you will understand the nominations for 2022 expired eight months ago. This year there were 318 candidates. The names of the nominees are never announced, due to the 50 year secrecy rule.
A shorter list is prepared during the months from February to March, where the committee of five people assets the candidates work. This is a thorough – going discussion where information and updates are required from experts often from foreign countries.
The five members of the committee are elected by Parliament.
From March to August the process of candidate reviews.
Finally after a major vote is made It is announced in October. So, this years award has not yet been announced.
After the award is announced then the award ceremony is held in Oslo in December. This is a huge event where families and friends and colleague’s to the awarded are often present, with members of the Norwegian Parliament, Royals and different institutions and organizations. It is held in Oslo’s City Hall.
Later afternoon after this prestigious award is presented and the ceremony with classical music and speeches are over, the Norwegian people arrange a torchlight prosession in honour of the award winner. In December it is winter in Norway, so it is quite a sight to watch. The winner and his wife- husband or a close member of the family, stand out on the nobel suite balcony at the Grand Hotel on the main Street in Oslo to accept the applause from the people.
An extremely popular award winner in 2014 and the youngest ever was Malala – ♥️
A concert during the evening with the ‘â€?laureate ‘â€?and prominent guests. It is broadcasted to a global audience and reaches up to 350 million households in a 100 countries. It is a Musical tribute and includes performances by artists representing several different cultures from different corners of the world.
It truly is a spectacular event â€?💥💥💥
So – back to Kayleigh McEnany. Well most of you will now realize that the announcement made of President Trump as being the upcoming candidate is a huge PR stunt.
The award for 2022 is yet to be announced, and Trump is NOT on the list of the ‘â€?18’â€?candidates that have been nominated.
Nominees never announce names of candidates, and to speculate that a person should get it at the end of 2022 is quite ridiculous. That depends on who is nominated and qualifies, according to the procedure next year.
This has been done to create ‘â€?bless ‘â€?- around the elections in the US, which is entirely against the award purpose.
The award presented for peace in the middle east 26 years ago lead to nothing.
In October 2022 an announcement will be made – after reviewing another 3â€?00 potential candidates.
So what do Norwegians think about all of this – We shake our heads.
The Nobel Peace prize is given to a person or an organization that is genuinly interested in accomplishing ‘’PEACE IN THE WORLD ‘â€?As we all know peace starts in ones own country first. Whoever wins the election in the US, whether it be Trump or Biden, have a huge task ahead.
Miss Kayleigh should be focusing on the current pandemic situation – violence – brutality and protests in the US, instead of fooling – forging the Americian peo

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Is recommended?

Yes, I recommend this seller. I’ve had a few g/f’s over the years that have had ample chests. And it was fun to do the deed with them, but doing this act with the doll is like tit fucking your favorite big boob porn star. It’s amazing. Her breasts are firm, but soft. They jiggle and squeeze together perfectly. And if you are going to tit fuck her, get ready to loose your dude in there a few times. Her breasts swallow you whole! It’s quite the feeling.

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Yes, Opening the box I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was like “No Way!” I mean yes there are measurements out there, and people have taking photos of her, but they don’t do her justice. She is huge!!! And her tits are massive! They are bigger than her head! And probably as big if not bigger than the average person’s head. It’s great. That old saying “camera adds ten pounds,” in her case it’s the opposite. I’ve got distracted by her ample curvy body! 😉 Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, worth the investment. Today I received my doll from the site. Although she did not come with the outfit in the promotional pictures, she was wearing a VERY cute pink top and bottom that are see through and much to my liking. Shortly after I ordered my doll, I was offered to choose a free wig in addition to the one pictured and both are quality and as pictured. So in short for anyone wondering about using this site, I recommend them highly.

Real Customer Review –

Yes, 5 stars! My doll arrived this morning at a wonderful 9:50 am, to my surprise. Aside from this surprise, I was ready with a dolly to ferry her from truck to home. After getting her safely through the threshold of the door, I quickly went to the store to pick up the last needed supplies for her ‘Welcome Home shower and care’. Upon returning, I quickly and carefully opened her packaging as I could hear her asking politely to meet her ‘Muse’ that she had been hearing so much about for the last few weeks.